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8 oct 2017

Cosmic Concert for Global Astronomy Month 2017


Es todo un orgullo que me comuniquen que el músico Italiano Giovanni Renzo vaya a incluir fotos mías en su concierto el próximo día 28 de abril en el Cosmic Concert for Global Astronomy Month.
Thank you Giovanni.

While the March images of the month are being finalized, I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news. Mark your calendars for April 28 and the 2017 Cosmic Concert for Global Astronomy Month. Several members of AASP will have one, or more, of their images appear during the event. (Robert Reeves, Avaní Soares, Michael Mantini, Abhijit Juvekar, Paco Yepes, Mariusz Wysocki, William Pellissard, Giorgio Albarello, Robert Spellman and Gary Varney. Charles Lillo and Albert Barr will have stunning DSO images displayed.) Many thanks to Giovanni Renzo for the opportunity for those mentioned to be part of this visual and poetic exploration of the universe.

Este es el enlace para todo el que quiera ver y escuchar este magnífico trabajo al piano de Giovanni.

Paco Yepes

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